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  • Kevin,
    What would it cost for a 1/2 case or full case of green label herring? Also, dumb question, but how many trays to a case and are green label 10 or 12 per tray?

    Thanks Russ
    Hey Kevin
    We saw you tucked in behind the south jetty this morning. We were right behind you pulling in our last fish when you picked up and ran north. I was just wondering how you did up north? We banged out our 6 silvers by 0900. Only had to toss 3 back. Was a good ratio for us. I was in the 26' hydra sports with twin Yamaha 225's. I'm on slip 8 until tomorrow. I'll try and look you up. Thanks.
    Hi Kevin . was just looking at a 29' lurs w/TD for power . what did you like about your 29' and what did you not like about your old boat. The new boat looks good
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