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    MLPA - Huge Success

    Based on what? Trust in god. Everyone else must bring data.
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    If this doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what does!
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    What's your go to 2nd set up?

    Pick up a lexa 400 and an 8 foot 20-40 pound rod. 50 lb spectra to the top. It’s the Swiss Army knife of local setups. You can do anything with it on that type of trip. Fly line a bait, bottom fish, throw a jig. I have a lot of setups and for anything local that is the first setup I grab.
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    New Deep Fryer Thread

    This is the one we have: Power XL Vortex 7-Quart Air Fryer We were given it for a Christmas present. It’s really large compared to others I have seen. I can do close to a pound of chicken wings at one time. We are really happy with it and use it a few times a week.
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    New Deep Fryer Thread

    Not a deep fryer but we use our air fryer all the time.
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    Bunk mattress sizes?

    We bought these a couple of years ago Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet – Silk Like Material for Travel - Has Full Length Zipper Guess I was a germaphobe before it was cool. I like it because it has an integrated pillow case And it’s really soft.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Well I know there is only one of those two you call when your house is getting broken into. Can we get back to the covid memes! Haha.
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    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    Thanks for posting these! I’m really enjoying the underwater drone videos. If I didn’t have my mavic I’d be looking at one of these.
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    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    Awesome color combination! Please post more of your work!!
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    All corona news is not Bad

    Some people just like to see the world burn. Haha.
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    Static test pics - opinions please

    What are you using to hold on the guides?
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    Charkbait store....

    Buy with confidence. Charkbait is one of the best stores around. If you have questions give them a call.
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    Floro other than seaguar?

    Picked up a bunch of the daiwa J-fluoro at Fred hall. It was the best deal at the show. Have only used it once, but so far no complaints. Prior to this always used seaguar.
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    2200 Thanks to Comrade Newsom

    Got my first order in from our day of freedom. Can’t wait for this absolutely worthless ammo law to be overturned. Guess I can’t go to the beach this weekend so plinking it is. Thank you Comrade Newsom!