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    Two sets n get!

    They look like giant ticks!
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    Lost and...

    B.O.L.O. My yellow Kokatat PFD went missing at LJ today. Any finders?
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    Island Fishing Tackle, Gardenia

    Calstar 800 MH blank, with wrapping components.
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    Island Fishing Tackle, Gardenia

    I went Unicorn hunting here today. Great selection and old school service!
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    Afternoon 1/2 day Reel Fun, Dana Point

    I have great memories from the Reel Fun. Capt Jack, first class!
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    Lemon on fish

    So good!
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    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    I miss the Indian too, what the heck?
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    Dana Point boat launch status email
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    LJ Last Saturday

    Hey, I know that place8-) Plunker bite fo sho!
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    Underwater Video From End of 2019

    Stinger time👍
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    Anthony’s shoe repair fixed my kill bags!

    Nice! He sounds very Reliable:D
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    Catalina Catch from 1901

    No burlap sacks, so they had to hang 'em high.:smash: