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    Snowy Grouper Sandwich......

    Dude bad ass! Is Jamie dialing them in?
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    Black Hole USA jigging and popping rods/blanks at Long Beach Fred Hall Show

    ksong, I've heard of some sword guys using your blanks for deep dropping. The parabolic nature of the rod apparently helps greatly reducing pulled hooks. What blank would you recommend for 150-350lb swords in a very slow current and not a ton of lead?
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    Embarrassment of riches.....Broomtails in Cabo... 2/10 2020

    Wild! I've always wanted to get one of those. I get it killing em probably wasnt your call, it's always a bummer seeing huge grouper/BSB getting killed down there.
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    PV February 1-5

    Seems like fishing this time of year down there is always hit or miss due to the biomass of crab and micro bait. We did a 3.5 day on the Marla IV a few years ago in February in big weather (some swells were pushing 15ft with 25kt winds) and we had 1 tuna bite in 3 days. Glad to see you guys got...
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    Costa Rica swordfish?

    That map isn’t accurate. There’s been heavy drift net fishing for swords all the way to the Oregon border.
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    Repower options in socal

    Jeramy, that was very helpful!!! The new 300v8 Verados are probably at the top of my list! I heard there was trouble getting new engines shipped into California so that’s great to hear!
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    For Sale 27" Offshore Boston Whaler $50,000.00

    Ah man sad to see her go! We’ve fished next to each other plenty of times! I’m pretty sure back in 2012 you scooted in behind me and landed 2 big salmon while I was getting skunked! what’s next for you guys?
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    Repower options in socal

    You aren’t lying about that!! I appreciate the recommendations I’ll give them a call!
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    For Sale 2017 Tideline 235 Hybrid

    This boat is SICK! Glws!
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    Repower options in socal

    As I've been looking for a new to us boat and researching options I've been blown away by how cheap repowering is in south Florida compared to up here in the Bay Area. Are there any Suzuki or Mercury dealers in socal who offer at least somewhat competitive pricing to what's seen in S Florida? As...
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    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    That’s a long, lean bad ass fish!!! Amazing story!
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    For Sale 1999-2019 Hydro Cat 300C

    What’s the beam of the boat?
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    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    Spoke with a gentlemen who worked on sword boats for a few years. The fleet ended up in crescent city every year. They’re up there in numbers! Warm sea surface currents are a big deal since we’re at the edge of their range. Warm water over structure is key. If it’s too cold they’ll go way...
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers sent your way Cory.
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    Deep drop skunk report + a couple question

    Are you guys fishing right off the bottom down there? We’re gonna work on the sword population up here in off San Francisco and the studies we’ve looked at show the swords being 700-1200ft deep, which is way off the bottom where they were tagged (on the seamounts)