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    For Sale 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    I’ll shoot you a call tomorrow
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    BET & Gorilla encounters

    That shit should be illegal. Such a bummer some countries are abusing the world wide fishery so hard.
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    Moll Fishing Adventures

    nice load of colorado snapper!
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    Post your last fishing Pic!

    One of my favorite days last year. We were trolling in shallow along Pt Reyes without a boat in sight. We released 3 8-12lb salmon in hopes for a monster and picked up 6 halibut to 36”. With the halibut population exploding here around SF Bay I’m excited for more days like this!
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    Early Halibut

    Hell yeah that’s great news!!
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    P.v. bound

    Fortuna Sportfishing on Facebook and Instagram. Shoot him a PM.
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    Boat Independence New Engines

    My grandfather was in Nazi concentration camps and was almost murdered by the Soviets in Czechlosvokia. He wouldn’t set foot on German soil and hated commie bastards. But the truth is, it’s the ideology from where the evil comes from, not the people themselves. The current people of the axis...
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    For Sale Triumph 190 Custom Pilot House

    Why just yammy? Suzuki is every bit the engine that a yammy is.
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    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    There’s tagging data and a scientific study from 2013. They got a number within sport boat range.
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    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    That’s awesome please let us know! Our water seems to be warmer than 20-30 years ago so I’m guessing they’re more plentiful up here too!
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    Snowy Grouper Sandwich......

    Dude bad ass! Is Jamie dialing them in?
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    Black Hole USA jigging and popping rods/blanks at Long Beach Fred Hall Show

    ksong, I've heard of some sword guys using your blanks for deep dropping. The parabolic nature of the rod apparently helps greatly reducing pulled hooks. What blank would you recommend for 150-350lb swords in a very slow current and not a ton of lead?
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    Embarrassment of riches.....Broomtails in Cabo... 2/10 2020

    Wild! I've always wanted to get one of those. I get it killing em probably wasnt your call, it's always a bummer seeing huge grouper/BSB getting killed down there.