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    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    yes we did get an insurance payout which was big for getting our new boat.
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    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    The boat is sold and in Alabama now.
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    WTB World Cat wanted

    I had a 266sc for 8 years, awesome boats man!
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    WTB Boston Whaler Conquest

    I think this only makes a difference if you want the 4.2l engine. The nice thing of BW with Merc power is you could repower with the new v6-v8 line that’s the highest performing engine in its class right now.
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    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Come take a ride in my 320 ec with new Merc v8 300’s and we’ll take that hateraid right out of you ;)
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    For Sale Farallon 25, refit

    Thats a nice looking boat!
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    Tuna water?

    No, the life is concentrated around the color/temp breaks. There should be bluefin out there this year, there was last season.
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    Trump to open Atlantic marine national monument to commercial fishing

    Hope they don’t start dragging it again. Dragging is gay!
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    For Sale Okuma Andros 5

    Loaded with 50lb braid. Wasn’t heavily used on our boat but performed great from albacore trolling to white seabass to a #100lb thresher $200 +$10 for shipping
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    For Sale Boston Whaler Seasquirt (not mine)

    I hear it’s a really...wet ride
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    4 stroke Mercury Pro Xs Line up

    I just put 2 new v8 300 verado's on our new to us sled. Everyone who has them or has experienced them is blown away. Incredible low/midrange torque and fuel effeciency. They're putting a big hurt on Yamaha right now, just a bigger, stronger engine.