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    what are you all using re bang sticks?

    I like a .357/38, it gives me the option of a high powered load if I need it, but the 38 ammo is adequate for most fish.
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    Shark encounters

    Last trip was up into X and LL area, had sharks everywhere, spotted several just free swimming.
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    Shark encounters

    Anybody else note an uptick in shark activity lately? Seems like all the rubbish I find has resident sharks, As well as the Aku schools, and it’s getting harder to get an Opelu onboard without generous taxation.
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    Boat fuel tank ??

    When it’s half empty or so, it can generate some serious punching effort, possibly damaging to the tank and/or the boat, and definitely making air ingress a problem. I’ve made some insert baffles by cutting a slot in the top of he tank
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    Loreto, MX – Baja’s Natural Jewel

    Link doesn’t work
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    PEI Tackle

    Your line probably got damaged by another fish running across it. Schooling Yellowfin have done this to me more times than I care to remember! the heaviest of lines will part easily when abraded under tension.
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    Bonita Sushi!

    Yes, and then add a generous helping of rock salt. ice melt will dilute the salt water, though it will melt slower with added salt. Never wash your fillets In fresh water, it destroys the flesh. Learn how to cut fillets correctly, and they won’t be bloody, so no need to wash, just wipe down...
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    Is the South coast good for trolling Pelagics? (Oahu)

    70 gallons = Limited range, then! Waianae often has Pelagics close to the harbor. South side can require substantial fuel to find fish. Truly offshore anywhere in Hawaii is most often guaranteed to be rough going, buckle up!
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    Oahu Buoys.

    J has been missing for quite some time, II broke off more recently too. North shore fishing has been truly a hunt latey, burning some fuel! Fatpapio, thanks for the tip!
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    Anyone remember Covid fishing rules?

    They change out the harbor masters frequently, just to insure that nobody knows WTF is really going on.
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    Lucky you got to see the nw Islands, most ordinary mortals will never get that chance!
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    Trolling help newbie

    This is key! if I fish offshore 3 days in a row, I’m 3x the fisherman on the 3rd day than I was on day 1. When it’s hot, anybody can just ride around and hook a fish, but that’s pretty rare. It helps tremendously to have some fresh intel to go on. Go to the ramp in the afternoons and snoop around!
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    28 Foot Force Project

    How’s about some action photos? I’m sure you’ve been real busy with this Ahi season! Boat looks great, got any performance numbers ?
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    Visiting Kona - Who wants to fish?

    You’d probably be quite welcome in Florida...