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    sheena was a man!!

    Invite a biker gang over for food. Might solve it
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    Best meal on a LR boat

    Treager smoked prime rib by chef Cory on the RP
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    Wtb shimano Bhaltair large reel bag

    I’m looking for one also if any come up
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    WTT Talica12ii for Talica 16 or 20ii

    looking to trade like new talica 12ii for 16 or 20 have box and clamp.
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    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    I ordered tac25, trax500hg both spooled also got a few wind ons and hooks all delivered promptly after black friday
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    You joined today to say this?
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    Slowest trip in 5 years

    Thank you for the honest trip report
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    57,000 sq miles of biosphere is going to be expensive to protect, doesn’t seem sustainable where is the money gonna come from? In my opinion more fish will be taken illegally now and just keeping the honest people out. Maybe charge more to sporties (to help pay for biosphere protection) change...
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    WTB Traeger or green egg

    I have a green mountain grill (pellet) and a primo oval (Komodo) which are pretty much the same thing as a treager (pellet) and green egg (Komodo). I only use my pellet grill for jerky and large briskets. It is very easy to use. But for me the flavor is just not anywhere near the same level as...
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    Anyone seen any sites that have izorline or Jerry brown?
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    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page Looks like it's still open to local fishing in areas
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    Wtb Spectra deals

    anyone find hollow spectra on sale anywhere maybe izor or jb?
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    Morro Bay Hotel and fishing recommendations ?

    Taco temple is amazing. And firestone grill in San Luis