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    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    I've been on that trip for the last five years, nixed it this year to take the family to Los Barriles and on the return through the Cabo airport I was blown away by seeing Charlie, L.A. James, Herman with his lovely wife Victoria with a big smile, then I was double blown away when I found out...
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    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    It's in you blood, whether its hunting a lion with a spear, an elephant with a camera, shooting a deer, or driving a harley, it what some people needs. Much rather have to eat cold food after last call on hot bite, then tuna parfait on a cruise ship. It's in your blood.
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    Spinners on the Rail?

    Hooked a cow at the banks on saltiga 6500 and seeker 600 xh, and was beaten. First time I've ever handed off a fish, first time spending or should I say sharing a fight for over three hours, used a friend's harness and still could not lift him. We had it button to 30lbs. So grab your set up and...
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    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Two sides to every wall, and every wall needs not to be on ground. Maybe proper negotiations from the right people with a little respect to people on both sides may help. Just my 2 centavos.
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    Valiant 300 with Clicker?

    I purchased the 300-c last week and my first fish was a 32 lb salmon, second fish 27lb salmon, reel was on the downrigger, clicker was a must have. Drag was smooth as all my other accurates 3 50adt. 2 30 atd and a 12 adt with 30 gears,and 870. I called accurate to complain about the handle...
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    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    I think the idea is to shorten the battle for the deck hands , in a WFO bite with half the fish being over 200, the 80 to 100 ( one even use 100 on the kite ) with 3 or 4 fish hanging the corners, it just make their job a lot tougher, while the kite guy starts bragging and smiling about the cow...
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    I've been on most of the boats out of SD and that bunk was good as any,if not better, I do not...

    I've been on most of the boats out of SD and that bunk was good as any,if not better, I do not like the stern bunks, its only problem is the shower are upstairs as well as the heads.
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    Bow State Room on the Rooster

    Just got off the RR last month for 13 day and would take the bow A room any time, but I would not share the room, I singled on all of the long trips. Gear on top bunk, sleep on lower bunk. We will miss Christine and never had a problem with the office in the past 20 years. P.S. Draining the main...
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    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    True, he's the man. I felt like a rookie with only a 226, 195( should have let keep eating a bit longer) , 165 and a few more over 100. Great trip. A few got three cows in three hook ups.
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    I danced with a cow on a HS saltiga 6000/hercules 60xh on the RR3 for 2 and a half hours at the bank, tough to lift a big fish on a spinner. Derek helped me for halfthat time and he is a beast, first time I ever handed off a rod. Listen to those in the know and be ready for the dance.....
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    Spinner Question

    I believe the rod to lift the big fish is the most important issue. Tie a 25lb dump bell on your line and see how long you can hold the rod and to lift it up a couple feet. When I tangle with a big my ss 60xh I could only lift a few inches at a time. I got killed on this fish and after 2 1/2...
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    Rod covers

    I just stuck it in boiling water, so I just made quality covers on the cheap, sorry if wasted your time. mr cheap