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    Puerto Vallarta fishing report

    sounds fun!!! thanks for the report!!
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    Survival Fishing

    Hi guys.... things aren't looking good I lost all my clientele for my business which is doing fishing trips,,,,, Instead I have been going out there fishing for days at Corbetena and getting lots of snapper, night fishing at the rock has been outstanding with a steady bite all night long, we...
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    Mazatlan fishing recommendations

    what did you catch? and with who, just curious .....
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    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    I have found some on the East Coast but looking everywhere! I have a partner ready to pull the trigger we are looking for the best deal.
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    WTB Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    Im looking for a 300 Marlin Grady White with trailer, let me know if you guys know of one, Thanks
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    Amazing fishing last week

    We have been having excellent fishing the last week, Marlín, tuna, mahi, cuberas, great Mixed pot!!!! The kids are killing it and the freezers are full!!! Water temps are changing and cold fronts are bringing currents from the north rich in life. It’s going to be a great winter. Fished with...
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    Mucho mahi Sayulita

    With the latest rains mucho mahi !!!!lots of tree trunks and long trash lines teeming with dorados!!! We left from Sayulita and scored 12 nice dorado on live sardines!!! Epic kids day fishing!!!! Adults had a blast also!! It’s going to be a great season!!!!
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    kids day Corbetena

    Yes thats Abel aka Chilango!!1 super funny guy!!!
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    kids day Corbetena

    we did also !! we tried everything!!!jajjajjaja around 730pm I told my peeps let get the f outtahere this tuna are just fking with us all day!!! I was a bit frustrated jajajajaj
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    kids day Corbetena

    I did! no luck! just teasing us all day!!
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    kids day Corbetena

    Went to Corbetena Rock on Saturday, we had excellent fishing! The rock was teaming with life, our first bite was a nice grade Wahoo on a goggle eye, landed it with mono leader, as soon as we gaffed it the leader snapped!Luckyyyy!!! Then we landed a pair of mahis on a double! The good grade also...