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    FREE Hoop nets, tires-rims

    I’ll take it if available but can’t pick up until tomorrow
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    For Sale Variable pitch trolling prop

    Always wanted to try a 4 blade... I’m just not in the market for something that nice
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    -sand dabs?

    I’ll have to try that out... thanks for the info
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    Looking for Opening weekend lobster

    Good luck if I had the Lobster equipment and experience with hooping I’d take u... unfortunately I have neither.. h&m run lobster trips if no one bites
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    Bogus fish counts

    I have had experienced jacked fish counts in Long Beach... I was on a boat that posted limits of squid and in reality we landed about 6... this was a few years back... had it happen on a 3/4 day out there as well... this happens not all of them are honest but I have fished many times on...
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    -sand dabs?

    Anyone no a good spot to load up with dabs? Wanting to take my Nephew out he’s never been out And I think this would be the easiest best producing trip...without having to travel 20 30 miles... We always drifted into them around the islands but Never really hit them inshore..
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    WTB -simrad gps antenna

    Fixed the issues... no longer need this thanks
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    WTB -simrad gps antenna

    Need a gps antenna for simrad nss8... with the ttop the i am unable to get signal... unless you guys no another way to get signal I will need a antenna
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    SOLD Simrad GO9 xse

    Smoking deal just came a few weeks late...
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    Izors tofay Sunday 9/6

    Fire was behind banning Beaumont area ... took these on the way to Long Beach at 5 am
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    Lb Sunday?

    From the in the middle of hell... so the heat won’t be a issue.. maybe it will work to my advantage
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    Lb Sunday?

    Taking my mom out Sunday... if the weathers nice I’d like to take her out to Catalina if it’s a lil snotty we will mess around inshore hopefully pick up some decent rock fish... wondering how bad the ramps get on holiday weekends... hopefully I won’t have to leave the house at 3 am
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    Newport Landing rod/reel setup

    My go to is Phoenix m1 inshore 7 9 extra fast Lexi 400 Packed Jerry brown 50 solid with xxx 30# top shot for spinning I have Daiwa encase pro live runner 50 jb solid xxx 30# top shot Cabelas ss 710 fast owner fly liner ringed for live bait all sizes Needed match hook to bait For me extra...