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    Requested advice from seasoned professionals

    Ive had a 21' WACC with an 82gallon and my current 22' Pilot only has 55gal. I can go further with the 55gal just due to boat design and weight. As for gear, you must have been one hell of a pier fisherman with those set ups! I suggest the same a 50 trolling setup but in addition grab a budget...
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    Does anyone anchor off the beach to just chill?

    Right across from Ballast point theres a protected beach thats super shallow. We beach my pilot house there all the time and hang out on the sand. You have to stay with your boat though because you cannot anchor but you just beach it and let it sit and move it with the swell and tide changes...
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    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Old guy was walking around the cattle boat with a bag full of rattlers, Clipped me in the calf, got 4 deep holes with blood dripping out and everything. Almost grabbed his bag and tossed it over. Spent 45 min or so with a beer and a coffee sip for me pour for my leg. Fished the rest of the day...
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    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    underpins and kaitechs. or drop shot. Find the grass find the spotties.
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    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Buddy caught some woman's pants on my boat in mission bay during a tournament lol They wouldn't weigh em. Got a starfish once and rock.
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    Parker helm seat used

    location for pickUp?
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    Opinions on C-Hawk Boats

    I have a 222 sport cabin right now and love it. I have a 200hp evenrude that has a tune on it and it hauls the mail. They are pretty stable for the size, not much of a V hull in the rear so it sits like a flat bottom boat and doesnt rock too much, drift kinda sux it noses with the wind but we...
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    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    That lil guy in the pic is a spiny dog fish. we catch them all the time in deep water. Have seen them well up around 3' or bigger. They have a spine on the dorsal fin. They live deep with the dabs and rockfish.
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    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    I could have been mistaken but I had to do a double take when i walked by too. I had my boat i bu T
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    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    Yup but not huge. But it was also in the water on a stringer off the dock. But I bent over lol.
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    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    I could have been mistaken but I had to do a double take when i walked by too. I had my boat in a slip and he was on the dock. The fish were on a stronger but one was floating I was like hu? but unless he had some crazy carp breed or some skinny long crappy they shure looked like walleye. I've...
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    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    We fished the small spill way a few months ago from a boat, tied off to the buoys. chunked sardine from the marina and 4 lbs floro got it done. There were a bunch of people that hiked in that area. from the water looking at the dam they were to the left at the second smaller spill way that is...
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    Anybody fish rocky point today

    Might head over there tomorrow, Anybody been in the last few days?
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    Zodiac pro5.5

    My 13' no console did 30+ with a 25hp tiller.. That thing is gonna fly!
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    DP Bonito 10.24.20

    Sauté onions in butter and soy sauce till transparent, then and 1" cubed fish and more soy sauce and butter if needed and toss to cook. When Bonita or Barricuda is cooked put it on a bed of white rice. Simple way to do it and you will have your neighbors telling you its the best fish they have...