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    2021 Ballast Point 8 Day - Excel

    Pretty special to hit the Rocks and Guadalupe in one trip and have great fishing at both spots. Congrats.
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    Red Rooster 5 day fishing report

    Glad you guys had a great trip. Guess I'll see you Saturday. I'm on that trip too.
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    Royal Polaris Location

    Hurricane Bank
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    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    There’s a good chance that we will get a shot at the BFT. I am bringing my heavy gear for sure. 9 days Provides a good opportunity to hit both the ridge and/or the Rocks as well as the local BFT grounds.
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    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    I'm on the trip with you guys. Will be down Monday afternoon and heading to Miguel's for dinner. The current trip got a nice slugs of YT on the way down and they are currently at the rocks trying to scratch up some wahoo.
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    Stick baits and poppers

    Sometimes they stick!
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    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Zeus!
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    Looks like quite a few BD members will be on the 11/3 trip. I'll be down there the night before. Probably have dinner at Miguel's. Let me know if you would like to join us...
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    That's awfully nice of you to say. I agree, fishing with the RR crew is great. Really looking forward to this trip....
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    Correct this is a new trip. Last year this trip was scheduled as an open 8 day. This year its a 9 day Nomad / Seaguar sponsored trip. I was on the trip before this time slot last year. We spent the majority of the time at the ridge, had limits of good grade YFT and really good wahoo...
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    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    Red Rooster left Thursday morning. Spent the night in pyramid cove, fished YT there in there Friday morning And landed 15 between 15-25lbs. When the weather backed off a little they ventured out and had a huge afternoon boating 22 BFT over 100lbs including a couple cows and one super...
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    Red Rooster III - 3 Day 8/18-8/21

    Here’s a great potential opportunity. Our Red Rooster 3 Day trip, Aug 18 – 22, has only 12 anglers on it and it needs 16 to get the green light. I think we will get another few anglers, but regardless it promises to be an EXTREMELY LIGHT LOAD. The price is $1,300 for possibly an ULTRA LIGHT...
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    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    Just got back this morning from a 3 day. Brought 20-100. Got one on a Mak 8 with 50lb spectra and a short 30lb top shot of pink youzri and 5 on a Saltiga 20LD 50lb spectra and and 12 yards of 25 lb Seaguar Premier. Handed a a couple more off on the 25. All these fish were 28-38lb. Zero flat...
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    Red Rooster - Blue Fin

    They end up with 44 for 15 guys in 2 days. Big fish were 142 lbs and 135 lbs. Most fish were hooked on 30lb...