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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Instead of feeding the seagulls with your leftover bait, fertilize their lawn on your way home.
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    SWYC aren’t letting boats leave their slips?
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Thanks guys!
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Looking for a cheap 30-40lb rated spinner in the $80 range that the guests and father in law can use on the boat, that won’t make me cry when it goes overboard. Thanks!
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    Get it right fellas its the Wuhan China "Kung Flu!"
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    WTB Tiagra 50w or 80w

    Looking for used but not abused 50w or 80w....can do paypal or local pickup in SD or Inland Empire Thanks for your time
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    For Sale Dock Float with platform

    Not a pallet it is pressure/chemical treated lumber to prevent rot that is framed up to form a can easily hold hundreds of lbs.
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    For Sale Dock Float with platform

    Float and platform to extend dock storage or keep your dinghy out of the water etc. PM me for more pics or info.....asking $400
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    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    Post pics when you finish your install!
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    best San Diego saltwater tackle shop

    Anglers choice does have a nice selection just dont trip and fall over all the stuff laying around and break your neck........Squidco and Charkbait for the most friendly and best customer service
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    SOLD Nice sleeper couch up for grabs! Cheap!!!!

    Darn.....first glance I thought the post said "Nice sleeper couch full of crabs"