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    Offshore Great weather and fun fishing

    Cody, Time to go soon!
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    JDM Shimano Rods and Reels

    Shimano ocea plugger Full throttle 88h pe8 150g Such a great rod. Love mine.
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    Old thread 1500

    Sorry I do not
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    Fellow BDer Catches Virus

    I’ve gone viral, but thankfully in a good way. It’s been a fun ride.
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    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    The Port Master Plan has been revised. Looks favorable for commercial fishing, shelter island area and marlin club.
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    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    > 200 - cow > 300 - super cow > 400 - moose > 500 - bison
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    Fogless Fun

    There are many forums already on this topic. Look for chamber sealer, vacmaster, etc Here’s a primer
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    Fogless Fun

    Vacmaster VP215. Game changer. worth the extreme premium.
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    Fogless Fun

    I was way too excited to get him out of his box.
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    Fogless Fun

    Roughly 100’
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    Fogless Fun

    Opted to stay local, and turns out that wasn’t such a bad idea due to all the fog offshore today. Although fog can’t stop @longboard85 from limiting out, ever! Anyhow, haven’t been able to fish much this season, so was quite thrilled when this sea rug appeared on the end of my line. Went 37”...
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    Offshore 10/3: 302 and North Coronado

    Here’s a TLDR for his TLDR = drove around a bunch and ended up with a few fish near the islands.
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    Offshore Tha girls

    Never said it was my wife. Just my girlfriend. 🤣