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    Cangrejos has better freezers and better processing and a nice new boat, so maybe the hike is justified... but if I show up for higher prices and the quality goes down, that’s when I start getting curious. and for sure, towing looks better and better.
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    hwy 1 updates ?

    for anyone in doubt, the 5 is GOLD all the way down. i saw one pothole at around km113 south of san felipe. that is all, and it wasn't a big or bad one either. otherwise perfect. 5.5hr from border to BOLA, not driving fast, same in opposite direction. the BOLA road is a little chunky but not the...
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    hwy 1 updates ?

    I'll be fishing with pedro sat-mon, hope to see you all down there. we're gonna take the 5 so we can compare drive notes after...
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    BOLA 5/15-5/19

    Hope you get em. I’ll be down in a couple of weeks, please post a road report if you get a minute.
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    stealing fish from freezers ?

    wow that's pretty lame. seems to me someone could solve that problem and still offer a good client experience. BYO coolers with ice does NOT seem like an adequate answer IMHO. I stay with Pedro, never had that problem or heard of it happening there, FWIW.
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    San Quintin Bound - few questions

    Mexicali runs a racket, they target well-outfitted groups. They will hassle you every time, but I’ve never had another hassle with anyone in Baja (I’m a native speaker so maybe that helps?). I have been asked for my visa at a variety of military checks, or at least, for my “papers” which I take...
  7. Sinker/Lead operation, molds and tools and painting and shipping stuff

    Sinker/Lead operation, molds and tools and painting and shipping stuff

    I have to stop making sinkers, and would like to sell the entire operation in one fell swoop. you could make this into a bigger business, follow my last few years of hobbyist output, or just pay it off by making sinkers for a few friends. I'm happy to share what i know. I have many many molds...
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    Good spots around Anacapa?

    relief shading is your friend. like errin says, if it's hard to reach there are more fish left.
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    Anyone selling lead weights these days?

    gerry is a solid guy. one of the most trusted members on BD. highly recommend.
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    Sinker/Lead business for sale

    I have to stop making sinkers, and would like to sell the entire business in one fell swoop. I have many many molds (cost me over $3000, including a dozen collins customs production molds, down riggers, leadheads, custom and customized molds, dive/hunt/miscellaneous, etc), sinker eyes and...
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    autopilot suggestions please

    I like my lowrance AP on my simrad system. But can’t argue with furuno if you can afford it.
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    SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    it's been fun, but life moves on. i'm winding down the business and reclaiming my yard for other uses, so i won't be able to fill any new orders. i'll be liquidating my molds and supplies so please send a PM if you're interested. best of luck to all! jose
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    Respectfully buying stuff Classifieds

    i've sold and bought hundreds of times on BD, and i guess i've seen some scammers scammin here and there, but in my own experience i've been doing LOTS of personal business on here and never had a real problem. sure, some folks are bad at communication, and a couple guys sold me stuff with...