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    Freespool time difference . Torque 25n vs Torque 12. Star drag

    This is why newell reels and spools cast LB sooooooo well.
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    WTB rod clamp for Tranx 400

    i have new duran DFP if interesed.
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    Roti-Molded Skiffs

    Most of the roto molds that I seen are kayaks... not larger skiffs...
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    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    check your PM
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    Need Vintage Marlin Jig Repaired

    Please post pics so we see this bad boy.
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    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    Hope this helps
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    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    Interesting looking clamps with spacer inserts. Are the metal inserts o the clamp threaded or not where the bolt goes through?
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    Passing quarantine time with Newell’s

    I need professional HELP with my Newell Addiction!
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    Newell specifications

    If you are a Newell Whore like me. Goto FB and search for "newell reels" group.
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    Sl30sh handle upgrade

    These are avail if interested with foam Knob.
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    Gen 2 Saltiga 35 Handle replacement

    Interesting, everyone wants the offset handle?
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    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Big mahalo for the input. I will be crying soon. Looks like the 300 dollar hobby cutter is out.
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    Fathom 400 LPHS Problem

    The east coast guys are having the same problem. They use 40 to 60lb, alua rods, surf rods for shore casting and use smaller reels for casting. The reel foot rolls inside the reels seat. Im working on a solution. John