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    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Moral of this story is keep you’re mouth shut You don’t have to answer any questions Went to Morro Bay rockfishing on a friends boat there was 4 of us soon as we hit the ramp there was a dfg warden. Started asking questions like where you all from How do you know each other I knew what he was...
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    TRADE Goneeeeee

    If you decide to separate I’d be in on 1 of them cjbf80H
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    San Diego full day boats $200

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    San Diego full day boats $200

    Your wrong Aloha Spirit is 160$ + a 4% harbor fee works out to be 167$ open party for 15 Actually taking a hit of 100$ less over all I charter the boat and rate now is 100$ less than what I was quoted before this Rona Virus BS hit Also there’s a reason the boat is booked solid well into July...
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    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    All sold Thx to BD & all that bought reels
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    SOLD GF800 H

    Dammit Marc Your killing me !!
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    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Price is 185$ shipped FIRM
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    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Revo NACL is SOLD Penn Torque is SOLD Penn Fathom is available
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    SOLD Penn Torque,Fathom,Revo NACL

    Penn TRQ 15XNLD2 BNIB Has 65lb spectra w/room for top shot 500$ shipped SOLD SOLD GONE!! Penn Fathom 15LD2 BNIB 185$ shipped SOLD Opened to show reel in box Abu Garcia Revo NACL mint in box w/all that came with like new inc extra handle $165 shipped SOLD All prices inc shipping Shipped...
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    SOLD Calstars 850L,850M and Phenix BD w/ Revo TORO nacl

    All rods sold Only NACL reel available