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    Ride Home from Guadalupe, Need Boat Advice

    Lol Weather can’t control it why sweat the details? I always stay in a bow stateroom. So quiet. Nice rolling action. When it’s rough get up against the side of the boat and position the cushion so you dont roll out. Best sleeping time I get all year. I ride the Excel only. She’s wet, but a...
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    Why such long rods?

    Rail Rods actually have a moveable fulcrum. If you change what part of the foregrip you are using the pivot point changes by several inches. With the back of the rod tucked under your arm you can use all of your biggest muscle groups to put that desired load on the rod. Taller guys have to get...
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    Best Mexican food near the landings?

    Not near the landing but - Tacos El Gordo is the shit. Locations in SD and Chula Vista. Al Pastor - off the hook.
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    Qualifier 105 Videos

    These videos were shot by Paul Sweeney who worked for Bill Roecker. Great guy and awesome media creator.
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    16 DAY, CLOTHES?

    Merlino wool socks are key. Very comfortable and dry. They also wash and dry quickly. Can get away with 4 pairs for the whole trip. Wearing flip flops on travel days for me. Fits Socks Underwear - extended wear performance stuff is key. Wash easily and dry quickly. Could get away with 4 pair...
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    Splicing Braid To Braid integrity??

    There are many things that confound me nothing more so than the solid to hollow splice. WHY? If you think solid gets bit better than hollow fish solid. Use an FG to connect your leader. Broke off and need to add more line (Bimini to Bimini). Want to fish a loop to loop connection tie a...
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    American Angler 6-Day report

    Trip sounds like it was huge fun. That is most important - having a good time. Mysterious spectra breaks - so many possibilities. Its sucks when it happens on solid. Great Report - thanks for sharing.
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    Proven Assist Hooks for bluefin jigging

    I was working with the BKK rep yesterday. Checking out their line of hooks for our initial order. These are some serious hooks. Not going to straighten it or break it unless something really goes wrong. An incredible piece of fishing tackle. I would rate them right there with the SHOUT Powerful...
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    Here's a few jigging related questions for the most knowledgeable and generous anglers anywhere.

    Yes we can build it conventional. Lets talk to discuss options. To give you an idea of the power of the Zeus 4 this is a spinner we wrapped on an 88" GBFT (385-400). The rod was at or very close to its limit. Its in a high stick situation and still landed the fish. The rod has landed many other...
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    Here's a few jigging related questions for the most knowledgeable and generous anglers anywhere.

    The 3&4 are excellent NE jigging rods. The 4 has much more power than the 3 and is all you really need. Trophy Tackle has some Zeus 3 wrapped in spinning version. We also have Zeus 3,4,5 and 6 blanks in stock. Currently we have CXJ 6004 and 6005 blanks in stock as well.
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    Trip report-independence 7 day. July 17-24

    Soda is the most generous person I have ever fished with. He is a blast to have on a trip and January is too far away. Dave - your topshelf. Fuck it. Okay!
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    Here's a few jigging related questions for the most knowledgeable and generous anglers anywhere.

    The Zeus rods are really nice jigging rods. The 3 and 4 are usually all you need. Zeus rods are being noticed here in the NE. They have a definite shut off and lots of lifting power. The other series of UC blanks to have a look at is the CXJ series. CXJ has a more moderate action than the Zeus...
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    Drag scale accuracy

    I cant begin to tell you how many rods are broken setting drags. The person on the rod pulls back trying to get the desired setting. As a result, the rod is in the high stick position and breaks. I witnessed two rail rods break setting them this way. Jigging and popping rods - are very...
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    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    We use barrel swivels all the time live baiting Giant Bluefin and trolling for Bigeyes. We wind the swivels through roller guides so we dont have to leader the fish. That TV show - is how they do it as well. Spro 230's are stainless steel and hold up very well. On some of the newer roller...
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    Have posted this response before. Gore-Tex rain gear is the best investment I have used fishing. In tropical weather traditional rain gear will make you miserable. It will be as wet in the gear as it is outside. Gore-Tex eliminates that problem. Sweatshirt or Lightly insulated jacket for the...