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  • Hi John, the reason we use quick release clips on our kite leaders is that the crew often changes the kite bait when your turn comes up... they may say, put on a single hook rig for a flying fish, or go to a double trouble etc... if you are not ready, they will put the next guy out.. they want guys to be prepared when they are on deck.. at times, the kite can go off full speed..

    I have seen too many snap swivels fail to be comfortable using any style on a big fish outfit.

    What time is lost going to find the next angler up? - then go get his kite rod and get him up? - probably the same time as tying or crimping the correct new rig on.


    Hey John, sometimes, a guy does not have the new rig on deck, he may want to run down to his room, dig. In a tack box etc... next guy... this is mostly enforced when the fish are biting full speed.. If it is dead, most crews will be more. Forgiving.. moral of the story.. have your different rigs outside. By your box, be ready to switch when you are on deck..
    If I got skipped because the crew didnt tie or crimp the correct rig that they pre-made on my setup - last time I would fish that boat.

    Its a bullshit provincial rule. Customer service is the key. Skipping people because they don't have the correct rig not cool.

    What boat do you fish? - I want to make sure I never get on it.
    I see you sell Seeker rods. Would you be able to get that rod for me and have it drop shipped to me in California?

    Lastly, I saw you holding a couple Wahoo on a recent pic and had to laugh at remembering your "slimy wormy bastards" comments.

    Thanks, Wayne
    Hey John. We met on the Excel last year. I'm the guy that packed on a bunch of booze.

    I'm looking for a 60-80lb BFT rail rod. I was considering the Okuma PCH but saw your comment about it being parabolic, and that just doesn't sound right as a rail rod. Thanks for that comment.

    Another rod I'm considering is the Seeker SSR 7660, but it's hard to find.
    John, I am interested in getting one of the wahoo trolling lures recently mentioned on BD by Basil.
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