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  • I see you sell Seeker rods. Would you be able to get that rod for me and have it drop shipped to me in California?

    Lastly, I saw you holding a couple Wahoo on a recent pic and had to laugh at remembering your "slimy wormy bastards" comments.

    Thanks, Wayne
    Hey John. We met on the Excel last year. I'm the guy that packed on a bunch of booze.

    I'm looking for a 60-80lb BFT rail rod. I was considering the Okuma PCH but saw your comment about it being parabolic, and that just doesn't sound right as a rail rod. Thanks for that comment.

    Another rod I'm considering is the Seeker SSR 7660, but it's hard to find.
    John, I am interested in getting one of the wahoo trolling lures recently mentioned on BD by Basil.
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