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    WTB Dual plier sheath with spike holder.

    Anyone selling a dual plier sheath with spike holder? Or know where to get one? No luck at Fred Hall this year.
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    For Sale Tern 500 4.7 gear ratio $225 XXXX SOLD XXX

    Selling my Accurate Tern 500 4.7 gear ratio, fished it one season on my jig stick. $225.00 like new.
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    Yellowfin/skipjack hooks

    These guys in size 2 and 4 have been working well for me.
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    Rod and Reel Setup for Yellowfin

    Seeker SSR 810, with a Lexa 400. Lexa 400 HD's are 100 off at Turners right now.
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    Marlin hook up???

    Not them, you can tell as you can see water off their bow, not just other boats. ;) That is super cool though
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    Marlin hook up???

    Was out with what appeared to be every vessel on the west coast that floats on the YFT yesterday (8/28). Same story as everyone else... live bait small hooks 20lb fluoro. The amazing sight for the day was a guy in a seafoam green center console hooked into a marlin!! the fish put on an absolute...
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    Job Opportunity in Corona!!

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    Job Opportunity in Corona!!

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    Job Opportunity in Corona!!

    Attention anglers! We are currently hiring for sales associate in the tackle department at Turner’s Outdoorsman in Corona. We are looking for a teammate who is extremely knowledgeable about out local fishing scene, and is ready to go that extra mile to help our customers get a set up that will...
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    Grand opening sale at Turners El Cajon today!!

    Avet blems And much much more. Get them before they are gone! NEW LOCATION 841 Arnele El Cajon
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    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    Gas, deckhands, cook, bait... and million other things that it costs to run the boat. Maybe UNICEF will start running an all day trip soon, but in the meantime if the boat is less than 10% full I won't hold any grudges.
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    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    SITRIP- Got to the landing at 530 this morning, 5 other guys were outside looking pretty glum. I went inside to see what was up and found this asian dude giving the landing staff and John, the Captain, a hard time for canceling the trip due to a low turn out. The guys in the office acted...