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    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    No worries as tranx is a fine reel for sure used within its limits. But that SS gear of the Komodos will last as long as 4 tranx gears pushed hard. Or something like that anyways as it is hard to strictly quantify. Regardless the Komodo gearing is vastly tougher and an amazing value. Wahoo...
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    For Sale Komodo SS 271

    Hey guys, gotta let this one go will never get to fish it. Okuma Komodo SS 271 bnib never spooled or used. SOLD.
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    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    Komodo is class of the bunch for toughness, imo, with the Lexa HD a close second. Revo Beast for all day casting. Tranx are over priced for sure. You do have to maintain them all or come to grief.
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    SOLD Jig Lots for sale

    Daily bump, reasonable offers bois!!
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    SOLD Jig Lots for sale

    That's right, pretty sure not avail any more but deadly on 'Hoos.
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    SOLD Jig Lots for sale

    SOLD P1120679 by johndtuttle, on Flickr Second Lot of ~200-250gm jigs with one Seven Seas Hooker and an FCL Labo in there. The Hammered Wahoo jigs (Luhr Jensen) are a discontinued west coast legend (forget the name) and they are re-rigged with Mustad 7691S spendy hooks. ~20 proven catchers for...
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    For Sale Big Game an Sail Trolling Lures

    GONE. Great batch of proven killer big game trolling lures over $350 retail as rigged and comes with the mesh case. All in excellent condition or as new. $175 shipped USPS Priority. Hi-5 25th Anniversary BigBees in Petrolero Pakula Sprocket in Dorado Zukers in Bleeding Dorado 2 Mold Craft Wide...
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    Slammer 5500 or 4500

    What line are you going to fish? If 30# braid then go 4500 If 40# then go 5500 etc.
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    PENN SSVi: First Look

    The Oscillation gear has a Nylon washer on it's backside: And is mounted on a Brass bushing: The Clutch pops out after quite a bit o' wiggling due to tight tolerances in it's housing: Some shots of the under the rotor slots that interlock with the slots on the bearing retainer...
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    Tranx 400 vs Lexa HD 400

    Lexa HD is a substantially tougher reel with larger capacity. As above the Tranx 400 is more a swimbait reel (like the old Curado) rather than a real popping or surface iron go to beast. Just get what works for you, but that deal at Turner's above was not to be missed.