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    Offshore Mid week report

    Outer channel islands holding som nice slug yellowtail! And as we were going from one to another, we ended up chasing 100 lb. bluefin for hours before giving up and going for more yellowtail. Water at island was 63.5 and mid islands it was 70 where the tuna were! And pretty blue, I could see...
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    PV trip starting from today

    That's a negative! Maybe bring a hoodie for early morning on the boat but that's it! I do wear long sleeves when on the water, but only to block sun. Short, t's and flip flops! I've been down here 2 1/2 years and have not worn shoes once!!
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    PV trip starting from today

    Excellent report! We also made the trip up and around San Juanito last week and saw no tuna up there. Weather was super rough the night we went and ended up on the east side of the islands, out of the weather. I was stopped by the navy for the first time and they were suupper cool!! checked...
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    April and May fishing for tuna

    You're about 1200 miles off on your report!
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    Puerto Vallarta! November 16-20, 2019

    looks like a super fun trip. I'm heading home Tuesday and am looking forward to getting out there. Nice to hear lots of breaking fish as I will be spearing. Were they mostly in the area shown? anything on the other side/between 2nd and 3rd island? thnx for the report
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    April and May fishing for tuna

    you mean yellowfin!! and ya, it was really good! Wahoo also
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    San Blas Nayarit???

    San Blas is nice, you'll have a great time. Man, May though is a long way from now. Typically the water cools a lil by then and it could be a lil green inshore. Isla Isabel is a good boat ride north, but there are nice amberjack to be had! Dorado are always in the mix and Snapper should be good...
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    Marla’s PV Epic Combo Trip 9/30-today

    Great report, looks like an epic trip!
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    Different island, same results! Big yellows out there!

    Well, it's a little quiet in tuna town, but there's some slug yellowtail to be had. Spent a couple days at one of our islands this last weekend and we didn't see a fish under 30 lbs. Now is the time to get some if you like the big Jack's! And on a side note, Saturday we had the big boys blow...
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    kids day Corbetena

    Nice work! Can't wait to get back in a week!!!
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    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    :D Ahhh, a trouble maker huh? ;)
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    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    Found some outstanding fall yellows at Clemente on Friday. Came back Saturday morning and found the 289 and 181 devoid of life! Launched out of Newport.
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    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    They are still patrolling!! And seem to be a lil less forgiving with a couple boats taken to mazatlan. We just returned and fished far enough off that we weren't harassed. Fish are there, but plugged with micro squid. They bit what we were using though!
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    Getting bigger

    Got some nice fish this week. Super fun trip and spectacular conditions!!
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    Tuna are overrated!

    Apeshit, kill you if you aren't careful crazy!