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    Long Beach 150 and Izors Reef

    i was on the city of long beach fri,i think we saw you guys at izors
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    Watch your depth South Shore Long beach( hope this isnt old news to most)

    friday night was enjoying the scenery munching at the reef..,when i noticed they were dredging out the channel...good thing i dont launch there..
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    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    nooo not bigger than godzilla?!?!?!?!?
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    Dallas got screwed!

    Its the Clavin Johnson Rule!!! it was an incomplete pass!!!...karma bitches,,last week they say the passing interfernce was a good call for them,,,now the shoe on the other their crying like lil bitches....KARMA!!!!!
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    detroit playing dirty

    i dont think he shouldnt play for the rest of the season,,the N.F.L did what was right suspend him,for one of Detroits biggest game in a very very long know he's kicking himself in the ass for that...And im a detroit lions fan....
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    i dont believe in dirty play,,he got what was coming to him....but theirs alot of dirty players in the league..and alot of dirty plays..some of we dont see..but oh well...
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    IM A Detroit Lions fan,and i figure streaks were meant to be broken....and its time for a change..someone new to lead the N.F.C NORTH...Detroit has sat in the basement for far too long...LETS GO LIONS AND PULL THE UPSET!!!!
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    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    if ur gonna do dunes.try dumont
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    Ok, who does Glamis on Thanksgiving weekend?

    couple years back,.some fucker lost control and flipped his sand rail and tumbled on to my buddy and his kid...not a great weekend,,,too many drunks showing off!!!!
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    once in a lifetime catch! the story of bugzilla lol

    what a dick for showing that thing on a bbq!!!!,,but thats the only way in my opionion to eat them,,,congrats buddy!!!
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    The REAL 12th Man...Go Pack Go!

    #12 got cawked..the packers are a mediocre team with a good qb...
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    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    the way i see it.if those pb'rs arent flipping you off or chasing you down,then they must be ok wth what your doing...clearly the pursuit capt is a dick wad...and everyone else who thinks you were in the wrong..hey but everyone has an opionion
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    Offshore Dead Tuna!

    BLOODY DECKS..nice wtg
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    No Rat Chicks

    just a question about your waders..if you were to tip..wouldnt they fill with water...ive been wanting a kayak,,but i would want a body suit over me