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    Fish mount, Dorado

    Who is the mount by?
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    Loreto guide

    Froebel Cervantes lives by Puerto Escondido. Young guy and one hell of a fisherman message me and I'll get you his info.
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    Mak 1000 spinning

    If they have one grab it the Mak spinner has been discontinued
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    Twin power Saragosa Stradic

    Twinpower available?
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    Surf fishing tackle recommendations for San Jose del Cabo area

    Get some cabo killers and rangers. must have in your arsenal red/white is my favorite. Also Shimano make some smaller colt sniper stickbaits
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    Okuma Tesoro 10s?

    How much for the 12s
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    Baja flyfishing....DIY

    Fish hard.
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    Late Post Lake Almanor Fathers Day trip

    Late post but moved from Chico Fathers Day weekend down to good ol Bakersfield so the misses could finish her schooling closer to her family. My dad went along to help me move and my brothers and myself got a guide friend of ours to hit the Hex hatch in Almanor. I had always heard about it...
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    Magdalena Bay

    Both have their spots!! I fish the mangroves and the islands tight for roosters and jacks. Lopez inshore is mostly all beach where San Carlos has the 2 islands. Too much to cover and I’m there 6 months out of the year lol
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    Magdalena Bay

    Fly or conventional?
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    Magdalena Bay

    Mangroves are great and so I are the islands.
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    Loreto and Mag Bay Kayak Fishing Video

    Right on I know those dudes!