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    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    Bump. Still available
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    Furuno FCV 582L Sounder/Fishfinder

    I have them in use on my skiff. Awesome unit
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    Auto pilot pump rebuild

    Just saw your post. Sd hydraulics or Rupe’s hydraulics in San Marcos.
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    Simrad AP 11 head unit

    looking for just the control head unit. Screen is burned out. Joel
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    Reels in for service

    They have top notch customer service!
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    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    Here are some pictures from last year
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    SDFD 7 Day on the Royal Star 9/26-10/3

    Hey guys we looking for some fun anglers to come fish with us on the Royal star. This charter has traditionally been mostly San Diego city firemen. We have had a ton fun memories. I have been running this trip since 2013 and this year has been the hardest by far. We initially lost a bunch of...
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    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    The Yamaha is a 2014. It was installed brand new out of the box in 2017.
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    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    New price $48,000 I’m selling my 2310 Parker. This boat has been extremely solid and reliable. Sea worthy, fishable, economical, it’s the full package. I am selling only because I just finished a complete restoration on a 32’ Blackman and it makes no sense to have both boats. Features...
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    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    The lifeguards were on 16 yesterday telling people to not “traverse mission bay” and return to their slips. I called my friend at Harbor PD and they are enforcing the same as of today. Bummer.