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    04-19 Waianae Fun

    Way to go guys - Nice first fish Evan and John.
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    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    You deserve that monster - you have definitely put in the time. Way to go Tim !!
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    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Way to go - Great memories that will never be forgotten !!
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    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    I took my son and his friend out of San Diego last Sept. My sons friend was going over someone on the rail when a Tuna hit and ripped the rod and reel out of his hand - Never saw it again.
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    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    I think this is very cool - nice going Loc
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    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Fished all day Saturday (6/9) - started at the pipe trolling 6" sardines. Had several strikes - seemed to be small Barracudas from the look of the demolished bait. Anchored up and chummed for awhile with no bites. Headed to Corona Del Mar to see if we could get some bass - just 1 small sheep...
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    Metaloid gear slipping

    Mine (Metalloid 5II) did the same thing - I sent it back to Okuma (they know about this issue) and they fixed it for free.
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    Mirage? or Pacific dawn?

    Pacific Dawn - Better sleeping bunks and the crew is top notch (Richie is a great chef too)
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    African Safari

    The way these beautiful animal should be looked at - ALIVE Great shots Soda - thanks for sharing
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    Cortez on Friday-Saturday

    I was out on the Pacific Dawn Saturday night and Sunday - fished all day. There was a little mist, but the picture speaks for itself - No rough seas at all - not sure what this weekend will bring, but good luck. There was a lot of bait in the water ]861378[/ATTACH]
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    Rpt.Tues.-07-25-17 Big Bluefin at SCI-Desperation Reef!

    What at trip - Nice looking fish Cory. Great read - thanks
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    Mako Shark eats seal near Catalina Island

    Great video - Thanks for sharing