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    Fuji Gold GUSG Turbo SIC Tip Tops

    What size specifically???
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    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Ryan, THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!!!! This is the information that I am looking for!! My wife and I are planning to take a trip up in the spring or early summer. Thanks for the invite on the tour, I will hit you up on that!! Joel Berukoff
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    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Is there anybody in Oregon who stocks some of these bass blanks???Not interested in Salmon/Steelhead blanks.... Joel Berukoff
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    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Hi Geoff, If I am reading this right, would compare the Eternity series action similar to say G.Loomis NRX series?? The Immortal being like a Imx/GLX series?? I realize its Batson Ent. but I've not held the eternity series yet... May just bite the bullet ,just buy the Eternity, and then ALPS it...
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    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    I''m looking into building a set of RAINSHADOW bass rods for smallies/largies. What are the main differences in feel between the Eternity and Immortal classes?? I will consider the Revelation series too but want to stay towards the higher end classes. The prices on the blanks are spendy but...
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    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Great thanks for the info!! Joel Berukoff
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    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    What did you get your wahoo on???
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    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Mike Keating on a 7 day anytime!!!!
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    fade wrap help?

    Curious Jim, what do you charge for the fade wrap pictured above?? Thanks, Joel
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    Guide Question - Loomis

    Gloomis used the PacBay BTHG guides in those days.
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    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Finally the feds got the LAPD marine patrol involved!!! GREAT WORK and keep biting!!!
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    Small tackle rod

    A 100 is small for Cedros and those Mexican areas. I'd do a 300 minimum. You never know when you might hook a big yellowtail or grouper.
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    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    Reply back at you. THANKS!!!!
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    Rainshadow for sale

    Simple: DON'T SELL THE RAINSHADOW!!!!! DON'T SELL THE RAINSHADOW!!!!! Ok, enough said. Joel Berukoff