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    what are you all using re bang sticks?

    44 mag = no mo wiggle
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    Fish ID help 7/19

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    Trolling ledge for ahi

    Learn to read conditions, birds, bait etc. Make friends and share intel (it’s a good practice to keep a log). These fish will drive you nutz cause they don’t always play by the rules (caught plenty fish inside the 500). Most of all have fun and be safe! Aloha, Justin
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    I love it when a fresh lure gets the bite! Cheeeee
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    4/18 &

    Glad you had action!
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    WTB WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40

    WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40 Thanks
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    Reel servicing?

    Anybody on Oahu service AVET reels? mahalos, Justin
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    WTB WTB Talica 25

    Looking for a Talica 25, lemme know what you got Thanks
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    For Sale Rods, Calstar, Phoenix, Shimano Saber $300 for all

    Can you pm me some better pics of the 2 Shimano. thanks
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    WTB WTB poppers and stickbaits

    Looking for some extra jigs for a trip. Let me know. Thanks
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    TRADE WTT Talica 16ii (bribers) for Talica 25

    Just throwing it out here: I have a brand new Talica 16ii and I really wanted the bigger one, Talica 25. Willing to put up cash with trade. Aloha, Justin
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    Saturday 11/30/19

    Damn Pat, you are hardcore! Good to see you are getting better.
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    Good goin Pat!