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    Suggestions on doing a pig euro mount

    I left it outside in the dirt for one month. Dawn soap boil Peroxide boil. You will need to do some picking and scraping inside.
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    Remington Filing for Bankruptcy

    Worth a try for the Indians. Maybe they can fix what the retards ruined.
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    Purchase ammo in Montana, privately ship to Brother

    Cheating the system Will get you in jail.
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    Where are you buying your. 556 ammo at?

    I buy mine at my loading bench. It’s Better, Faster, More accurate, and way cheaper.
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    Stay away from RTIC coolers

    Meanwhile Coleman and Igloo are still the Best Buy.
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    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    243 will suffice for anything up to Elk but not recommended for the latter. Check ballistics of the 6mm you’ll be hooked.
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    holy crap trap shooting is expensive

    How much was that last fishing trip?
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    Trump train is Rollin Thunder! 2020-2024
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    I stand Firm on my reply.
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    no trespassing!

    I have a Noose and the sign says one size fits all.
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    Americans vote Republican.
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    Euro mount done

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    For Sale 243 imp

    1897 has been Sold Pre 64 Winchester 308 has been Sold Let’s get this one a new home.😁
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    Wood or metal riser for recurve ?

    Wood is always good. I have three recurved in all wood.