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    YT and Dorado 11/17

    The Color of a Dorado will shock me forever, especially when it just came out of the water, one dip to clear the blood and that could be a framed picture--yeah I know, this is "bloody" decks, but for the framed shot-you know what I mean.
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    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    I guess I must swho my age, I love a bikini, but dental floss up the ass is not appealing to me--just looks nasty.
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    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Some of em look tiny, were they all legal?
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    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Just my two cents--I have a dog--never been sea sick. But the other two dogs, get just horrible. Bottom line: I LIKE them to come, but I don't think any of them enjoy it all that much. Also, you got two choices, tether or not tether. If they go overboard--happened to me once, if they are...
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    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    In person, it looks a lot better. Those two straps are massive; as you wait they slip one on fore, the other aft, then they tighten them--slowly and lift just a bit, making sure they have the balance point. When they do the lift, it really is very, very secure looking and performing. Check me...
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    Refunds due to Covid

    Consumer protection people always advise the credit card, just for that reason, yet, I must say the very few times I had a solid case-the credit card people would simply refuse to back me. So I don't know. But I do think the good faith, for both the landing and the angler is to put it on a...
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    Refunds due to Covid

    That is a constructive way to handle it--something other than keeping the money OR giving it back. Just apply it to a future trip--that makes sense and nobody gets hurt. As to asking the landing, so far no luck in getting a word back---but if I book a trip, I will ask for sure. Thanks for the...
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    Refunds due to Covid

    For the safety of the fleet-for THAT, they will not let you aboard, giving your money back, THAT is a different question.
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    Fisherman without license

    Yeah, correction noted, thanks
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    Refunds due to Covid

    That's good to hear, but I wonder if it is a 5K "long range trip"--they say at 2 weeks prior to departure, you must be paid in full. I wonder, in that case, if the day you board, you flunk the test. I wonder then.... I got to say, I see the sympathy for the angler--and the boat/landing; after...
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    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Six years later...they don't make Scopace anymore--nor any other pill form Scopolamine. One exception--you can go to a compounding pharmacy--but good luck getting a prescription to go there. Take Kaiser for example, generally they will only write a script for what THEIR pharmacy stocks--and...
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    Refunds due to Covid

    If you have paid in full for a long range (or one day for that matter) on a Sport boat--and you flunk the Covid screen, what then? Do they keep your money or some of you money? I asked one landing--they wouldn't really answer me.
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    Fisherman without license

    If you get stopped on the water by DFW--and some guy on your boat does NOT have a license, what is YOUR liability--as boat owner?
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    Another super!

    Don't know how this guy did it--but I saw a guy in a small boat, not a lot of freeboard, he put the gaff in the mouth-no, he did not lift it himself, he just pulled and dragged it across the transom and slipped it in that way. Another time, I was with a pangero, he gaffed the head, and looked...
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    For Sale 23 Seaswirl in Ventura.

    Seems underpriced, am I wrong? Are prices down right now?