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    Surface Iron Video

    Love the drone shots, so much fun watching the skinnies chase after the jigs.
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    Best combo to cover heavy yo-yo and midsized bluefin up to 80lbs

    80 monster and fathom 40nld2.
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    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    You should try the alps aluminum reel seats they have on the Okuma PCH custom rods, they are super slim and light weight.
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    Need help picking rods

    Rods are way too preferential to suggest. But for 20/25 lb bait I would go smaller. Saltist 15/20, fathom 12/15, avet sx, trinidad 12/14A.
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    SOLD Jx Rator LH x2 with Penn carnage rods

    Maybe a picture showing the braid to see how full it is?
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    SOLD Jx Rator LH x2 with Penn carnage rods

    What type of braid and how full?
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    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Left pit.
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    SOLD UC 76 Centaur - SOLD

    I’ll take it, txt you
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    10/23-26 Pacific Dawn 2.5 day

    What leader on the sinker rig?
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    SOLD Visx20 penn international

    What line, lb and maker and how much did you get on the reel? Clamp?
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    For Sale BNIB - Rare Daiwa SLX Aluminium Frame

    I know that they don’t make these kits anymore but do you know if they made the handle or sourced it out? I’m want to know if I can buy that handle somewhere.
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    SOLD Black Torque 25n star drag

    Lol a trq25nld, does mean it’s a lever drag.
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    TRADE Accurate Valiant 500n for 500n lefty

    I have the 300 as well. Was looking for the 500N to swap.
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    Clear Popper Help

    This is not the Noeby but looks to be made the same. I see the metal piece in the face of the popper on this one as well, but it is not a through wire.