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    Daiwa Saltiga or saltist

    I know I’m late to the party, but hands down best for light line bait is an sl20sh just upgrade drag and add Tib handle. I love the SASD15HA, I prefer the TN14A over the SASD20HA, but what’s really badass is the new Saltiga 15ld2 and 20ld2 both free spool like a star drag.
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    Islands San Diego 4/6

    Thanks for the report, and congrats!
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    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    I thought they might get it back. It’s a bummer, especially if it was your lucky jig.
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    Daiwa Saltiga 15ld2

    Anyone find a knob replacement for the new Saltiga 15ld2 that they like? TIA
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    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    I was jonesing to get back out on the water, but all the full day boats in San Diego were booked weeks in advance for the weekend. I just so happen to check the reservations on Thursday and 3 reservations popped up for Sunday on the San Diego. I ended up grabbing the last reservation. I’m...
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    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    They’re still doing boat work
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    “The San Diego “

    I was out this past weekend on the San Diego, and Mat was driving. I liked the the fact that even while rock cod fishing, Mat kept an eye on the island to see if there were any signs of fish. We made a run back to the islands late in the day to pick up the other 1/2 of our fish count.
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    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    Yes, there were some nice grade mixed in for sure.
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    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    I saw Mat come down throw into a school and get bit instantly on surface iron.
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    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    Short report Went on the San Diego. Boat caught 33YT/34ppl. The wind and seas were up most of the day. Fish were off of North Island, full sized yo-yo jigs worked best, color didn’t matter. Caught 1/2 of the fish in the AM and other half PM. A lot of bait out there, fish did come up high in the...
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    Looking for a dedicated yo-yo reel

    Penn fathom 40N let for the lazy.
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    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    Both of these on a class lower, US80 monster, no problems, didn’t feel like it bottomed out, lost a 3rd at color when my hooks bent out.