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    SOLD NIB Daiwa Saltiga 10 Reel

    6.4:1 or 5.1:1 ? Auto engage?
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    WTB Trinidad gold
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    Shimano Forum gone away?

    Yup. Sad. Ali said something like they decided to spend the money elsewhere. Spoke to someone at Shimano that said Bantum went to SC to set up the new east coast service center. A great loss either way.
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    I think it's a 400
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    Maxel Hybrid 20

    For what it's worth, I fished Nantucket fluke this year with a lot of very fishy guys from New York and Jersey. Hands down the two most popular reels were Saltiga's and Trinidad/Ocea jiggers. Only one Maxell and it had been sent in twice, replaced once, and the nut holding the handle arm broke...
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    For Sale Spectra-JB, Threadlock, Daiwa

    What pound is the Jerry Brown? Thanks
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    WTB Older rod wrapping thread

    Pretty sure your looking for the NCP. Has that no shine look.
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    WTB Daiwa Saltiga eva handle knobs

    Looking for a few eva knobs off the new Daiwa Saltiga10-15 HA reels. Thanks Matt
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    New 2018 Shimano Reels

    Any chance the Torium 4.6 gears will fit the Trini a reels? I never understood why they won't sell the Ocean 5.1 gears here. Seems easier than trying to get a low gear Trini to the US market.
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    WTB Shimano Trinidad 10a Reel

    I think Melton's tackle has them for $404
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    Shimano Game Type J question

    Bantam 1 thank you for the reply. Thought that was the case. Now just have to keep my eyes open for one. Thanks again.