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    Aftermarket Replacement Handle for Shimano Spheros?

    Looks like I got a defective handle assembly for my Spheros 20000. OEM replacement handle on the Shimano website is $62.16. That's basically 1/3 the price of an entirely new reel. Just wondering if there is more cost effective replacement or a handle assembly that's so good, it's worth 1/3...
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    Shimano Coffee Grinder/Spheros SW 20000 Handle Play

    Update: The silver cover can't be flush with the hinge in the second pic. As seen in the second pic, there is an inner metal washer/piece that protrudes passed the silver cover. So, back to being totally clueless about the handle play/wobble in the second pic/round hinge. As I've...
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    Shimano Coffee Grinder/Spheros SW 20000 Handle Play

    Are both pics/questions issues or just one? Side note, the reel is unspooled and unused. Going back to the vendor is not possible as I purchased it a while back. At this point, should I send it to Shimano as a repair or a warranty check repair? Or should I attempt my local tackle shop...
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    Shimano Coffee Grinder/Spheros SW 20000 Handle Play

    Have attempted it numerous times. Threads engage smoothly. I've even attempted left hand and right hand retrieve. Same issues
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    Shimano Coffee Grinder/Spheros SW 20000 Handle Play

    Hey Guys, I bought my first coffee grinder, since childhood, to throw poppers. I bought the Spheros 20000 and have a question about the handle. Even when the handle is screwed in all the way, there is play in the handle. I'm wondering if this is normal or if I should be concerned. First...
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    Mustad Sale: 35% off Sitewide- Today Only (4/1/21)

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    Crimp for 200# Flouro

    I've received this suggestion in my very own thread on crimps. (mono & flouro = double barrel/wire = single sleeve) The only double barrel crimps I've been able to locate are the AEW double barrel crimps. I was just wondering do they have multiple types of double barrel cirimps? I'm asking...
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    Daiwa JDM Saltigas from Ebay?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with some info pertaining to Daiwa Saltiga star drags for sales on eBay. These things look like the previous gen Saltigas. I was hoping someone could confirm they are the previous gen Saltigas (or of similar quality) and that buying from Japan is safe...
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    New or Mint Condition Makaira 16 in OG Gunmetal

    Looking for a new or mint condition Mak 16 in OG Gunmetal. I will need it shipped to CO Thanks