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    Latest build 30-80lb 8’3” nice color blank

    Very nice work great color combo
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    "Creature from the Black Lagoon" Tilefish Jr.

    That's one beauty eye catcher
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    Custom roddy

    That tiger really popped out very nice work
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    Custom Calstar 765xl

    Great looking build very nice work
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    Reaper Reaper

    Beautiful work
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    Marbled Calstar

    very nice looks great
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    Rainshadow RCJB96H w/abalone

    Great work
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    CE700M "Rainbow Dash"

    Great color combo beautiful work
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    F.R.O.G rod

    very nice work looks great
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    10’ Bamboo, Flag design

    Great work
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    Phenix HAX720XH "Astros''

    Beautiful work as always
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    Thread Tag End Management for Fade Wraps

    Thanks for sharing
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    Joker Reaper

    Another masterpiece great color combo
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    UC CX70 Viper Rail Rod- Killer Bee

    Great work cool looking build
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    Rainshadow RSU60XH troller

    Very cool looking build very nice work