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    FT: Talica 12ii

    4 years ago, bro
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    SOLD Twin power sw 8k & 14k

    Great condition, both filled with 65lb. $500 for the 14k $485 for the 8k
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    For Sale Accurate valiant 500

    New Accurate valiant 500. $400 shipped
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    WTB 2 Talica 16 single speeds

    Looking for 2 talica 16 single speeds. Thx
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    SOLD Shimano Saragosa 10k

    Brand new Saragosa sw 10k for $OLD.
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    40lb setup

    Hey guys, looking for some suggestions on a 40lb setup. I narrowed it down to a Talica, Saltiga, or a JX/LX Raptor but open to others. Thanks in advance.
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    SOLD Ocea Full Throttle 82MH

    Brand new, sat all season. Time to unload. $515 shipped.