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    For Sale 2019 shimano stella 14k

    2019 shimano stella 14k in perfect condition. Spooled with Daiwa 55lb metering braid. $850 shipped.
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    For Sale Shimano Twin Power 5000 w/Terez 69MH

    Shimano Twin Power 5000 in great shape. This is a 6:2:1 ratio. Line is included, I believe it is 50lb super slick. $375 shipped I also have a Terez 69MH spinning rod that is in great shape for $200 shipped
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    WTB Saragosa or twin power 10k

    As title says.
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    SOLD 5 shimano tiagras 50wlrs

    Interested in 2 shipped. Pending pics
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    SOLD Accurate valiant 500. Open to Trades!

    $350 shipped possible trades are stradic ci4 3000/4000 ballistic lt 3000/4000 thunnus ci4 4000 or possibly anything along these lines
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    FT: Talica 12ii

    4 years ago, bro