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    RICE BOWL CHARTERS 8 DAY OCT 15-23 2012 S.O.A.

    damn.....who are them good looking dudes in the last picture?
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    Offshore Ricky's first yellowtail, dorado, tuna... First offshore trip

    While having lunch the other day with my friend Scott, I mentioned how great the offshore fishing had been... And that he needed to get his 9 year old son out to give it a whack. He said, and I quote... "make it happen...". So, I have been fishing my whole life, but couldn't find a fish if it...
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    First Turkey

    good work. In Palomar this week, and saw quite a few toms on private property. We called every bird we saw...nearly all gobbled back. Hopefully, you can get the nice tom before the closer.
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    Offshore Tylers 1st rice bowl trip 8/12-8/14

    Sweet trip, Tyler. You'll be buying breakfast at Los Sanchez on Sunday, or sharing some of that fish with the less fortunate... Yep, I cannot wait. I'll be in contact with management to make the arrangements. At least you out-fished your dad....that guy was due for a good spanking...
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    3 days at San Clemente Island

    Just got back from SCI with Dave Hansen onboard Fishaholic for a three-day trip. Dave made the trip. He set us on so many great spots. Besides, he popped my WSB cherry. I've tried for years, and they just seem to elude me..... Captain Dave brings home the bacon (and butter)!
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    Offshore 1.5 Day 160 miles out = the best trip of my life! 7/9-7/11 WFO!! Islander ROCKS!!!

    Yeah, the Islander is a great boat. Jason, Killer, and the crew are exellent.