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    Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament Cheat

    Busted, Dum ASS
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    Processing costs for a 7 day

    $1.50 A LB for 3 mill bags And $1.60 A LB for 5 mill bags for whole fish At 5 star.
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    Fuel surcharge?

    My feeling are , nowadays you have to pay to play, no one is forcing you to go, Just remember Costco is your friend.
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    Lake Erie Walleye Trail Tournament Cheat

    But I have seen my weights in some BFT Mouth’s lately.
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    Fisherman's landing 3 day trips

    The price of it tells you everything, Leaving before noon, so charge $675. Ouch.
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    Fishing memes

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    Fishing The Slide - What are you using?

    I’m taking a bunch of white lead heads, That have different colored skirts on them, That I picked up from Daryl, at Ballyhoo international in Santa Ana, for A day and a half trip out of H&M, but I will only use it if the Tuna hit the troll rods, And will only use bait if there is Dorado Hitting...
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    Fuel surcharge?

    I’m not going on the El Capitan, lol
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    Fuel surcharge?

    That’s why I booked a trip that had the meals included, lol
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    Fuel surcharge?

    I have A friend leaving next Tuesday on A 1 1/2 day out of H&M , so I will know what I will need for my Trip leaving the following Sunday , but I'm figuring at Least $80.00 for sure .
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    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    some of them have A little left in them , plus you never want to run short of it on A Boat . lol , and Flouro last A long time.
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    In-Line sinker Lot’s last of stock

    hello every one down South in S .D , I will be at H&M Landing , on 10/09, for A trip leaving that night , p m me if your Interested in any of these , and can Meet me there to pick them up ,and witch ones you need , thanks .
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    2 LB , cannon ball lot

    Hello you Guys from S . D , I will be down at H& M Landing on 10/09, for A Trip leaving that Night , let me know if any of you are interested in these , thanks
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    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    The bag is nice, but time will tell, How I like the separators, Because there held on by Velcro.
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    Tackle Bag or Backpack

    I’m not sure, but I will let you know tomorrow morning,when I’m done loading it up.