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    Calico's and Halibut From The Surf.

    If you smoke real cigs and not those filter ones the disinegrate well
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    Camp Pendleton?

    I go to San Onofre Campground on the base and fish the surf. I put a heavy weight with 30pound test. Where I fish there is state beach to the south and north with only a small strip of less than a mile of military base. So whats up with a federal permit? Never heard of one. guess ill...
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    Carnage in the Valley 9-5-15

    Good Job! Me my brother and 2 nefews went to calexico sat and sun It was good especially cocidering we werent hunting the opener.. Not too hot either..
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    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    I think thats messed up to get stuck with a fine for that. I guess since the state needs money they should go door to door. Checking for mattresses with the tags removed. Or how about trippling the fee for fishing licenses. Its redicules and anyone that thinks this is acceptable practice...