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    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    I have found that when I switch to flip flops and take off my boots, once I come back up to fish, the deck and my feet become bloody in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure if this works all the time, but I have found it to be an effective method to get the fish going after a slow bite.
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    Catalina Thurs and Friday

    Wise words indeed.
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    Offshore Poseidon 7/17

    I'm on this boat next week for a 2.5 day. The positive feedback is pleasing to hear!
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    Volvo Penta Mechanic Recommendations

    The engine is cranking, but won't fire up. I'm sure he also needs the engine tuned as well.
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    Volvo Penta Mechanic Recommendations

    Hello everyone, a friend reached out to me over the weekend and asked if I knew any good shops/mechanics to work on his Volvo Penta engine. He lives in the Upland CA area, but he can trailer it to areas in the So Cal area. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    I know a spot west of Long Point that is loaded with yellows. Hopefully they open that area again.
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    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    I still fish a lot, but my boat has been out of commission and I only post PB reports. I hope you are doing well!!
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    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    Lot's of solid advice, but I would add that for the local banks the water needs to be warmer before I would opt to fishing offshore. Good luck on your next trip!
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    Offshore DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    That's an awesome report. Next time slow troll some baits following your jig strikes. Have someone ready to wind up the troll fish and others ready to drop a bait. Nice job!
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    Catalina seaweed

    I haven't posted in quite some time, but I'm glad to see somethings don't change. You failed to give bloodworms a try! Next time I would advise you to keep some on hand when the yellows have lockjaw.
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    Local SoCal banks?

    Good luck Steve!
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    Very cool story! I'm fishing a 1.5 day on the Prowler this Friday...wish me luck!!
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    209 and Catalina - 9/26

    Here's a tip for finding yellows at the island. Slow troll a dine or mackerel. Also, you're wasting time trolling the banks when you should be looking for paddies. You need to cover as much water as possible and trolling only slows the search. Best of luck on your next trip!!!
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    9-2 Freelance Daveys

    Without a proper scale, every yellow is over 25lbs....don't you know that by now?? Regardless, it was a nice fish! Instead of bowling over the rental rods, wouldn't have been simpler and probably safer to simply go over the top or underneath? Good times! :D
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    Triton Catalina Report 8/27

    Always fun fishing with you guys!!! Looking forward to our GF charter on the 8th!