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    Late Christmas Present!

    What a day! good going!
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    1-5-14 David got some more.

    Nice action!
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    My First Nairagi Striped Marlin 76 Pounds Video- Winter break wrap up

    After driving myself crazy watching fishing videos this past semester in college, I was hungry to come home and fish. I was only greeted to a Kawaihae Harbor boat ramp filled with sand and a Puako Harbor broken finger pier. Things weren't looking too good for us but we decided to fish Kona...
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    First Ahi on New Boat

    Nice one! Atta way to bless the remodel!
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    Nov 9th Maui - Personal Best Mahi

    Wow nice one!
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    57.5 Pound Ono

    Mahalo everybody!
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    57.5 Pound Ono

    Cause it was a bent but and we can't afford to put a fighting chair or own a fancy harness. For some of us here in Hawaii the sport comes when we put blood on the deck whether it be to pay for our gas, eat at home, or share our catch with our friends and family. And to further prove that point...
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    57.5 Pound Ono

    My sister rarely comes fishing with us but she picked a good day to take her chances. She was headed to the RBI Softball World Series in Minnesota and trying to prevent jet lag she wanted to do something early in the morning. We set out of Kawaihae Harbor at 5:30 and took a run up towards black...
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    Nothing like a first Marlin

    Rajah dat brah go get um!
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    Nothing like a first Marlin

    Mahalo everybody!
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    Nothing like a first Marlin

    Took my girlfriend fishing for the second time out of Kona. Back in July she caught her first ahi weighing in at 163 pounds ( ) but she really wanted to catch a marlin. We set out of Honokohau hoping to run into a porpoise school down south. No action really so we...
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    Big Island Big Game Kayak Fishing Vids

    Love watching your vids keep up the good work!