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    Speed Jigging BFT

    Nicely done sir!!! :appl: :cheers::jig:
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    Reaper Spinner....

    Wow, love it!
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    Sunday 11/8 Mission Belle

    Definately reschedule! You do not want her first experience to go down like that...
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    Fall Salmon Run Wide Open Epic double hook up bank fishing for Salmon with my best friend!

    I have a chance to fish the bank of the Sacramento river in Mid November...what tackle would you recommend?
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    "The Murder Weapon"

    Damn Jim! Beautiful work...droolong right now
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    Offshore Did the damn thing 9/3

    Fan freaking tastic!!! :appl:
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    GP Reaper build

    Clean work right there :jig:
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    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    Awesome, Congrats!!! :appl: Still waiting to put my visx 20 to the test...
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    S&W MP 15 Sport AR

    Can you send pics please
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    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    doo doo
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    And they say the bluefin is gone...
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    Offshore Aztec 7-30

    That's geat to hear!!! Now more importantly...did you eat the heart of the first one???