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    Cousins rod 75ML

    Sent a PM.
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    Phenix Maxim 7' 7" 10-17lbs

    i'll take it! pm you
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    penn fathom 40nld2 !!!

    I have a Lexa 300HD with Power Handle
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    Shikari rod BT 7020

    Still available?
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    Sent PM.
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    Brand New Seeker SSR 7040-7' C

    Coming down to SD anytime soon?
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    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    Hmmm...okay thanks Pilav! I will take it apart one more time and compare schematics.
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    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    I took the reel apart again and confirmed there's no grease anywhere near the edge. Free spool test still pulls less than 6 seconds. I'm searching Youtube/Online for any videos of SX Raptor free spooling to try and compare otherwise i am at a loss. Turning the handle now do feels a bit...
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    Shimano Stella 5000

    Selling a Shimano Stella 5000fa loaded with 50lb P-Pro comes with Shimano bag. Originally bought it for my daughter to use but she lost interest. Also willing to trade for 7ft-7.6ft and 30lb+ rated conventional rods. Asking $380 obo. Thanks!
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    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    Not sure. I got the reel used so performed my own miantenance and didnt see anything out of the norm. However, I did see this thread just now so perhaps not an issue?
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    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    Contemplating on buying the Boca Ceramic Hybrid kit for the reel since i can only get 5 secs or less on the free spool. I am wondering if this will fix the issue or if it's even an upgrade for the reel itself? Can anyone chime in if it's worth it?
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    Avet SX Raptor Free Spool

    I was also about to post the same thing. Just did a maintenance on my SX Raptor and noticed the weird free spool symptoms. My MXL 2 spd can free spool for 30 seconds+ but my SX Raptor is less than 5 seconds. I have not used my raptor yet so concerned about it's ability to toss dines or...
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    Rods/reels - Phenix rods,Calstar700M,Teramar 80MHB,Komodo 463P,etc.

    Heading down to SD anytime soon? Interested in the 700m