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    Inshore 6-17 Shoe area

    Nice job and how crazy cool at the beach. My car registered 123 degrees while working in Palm Springs. Friends in AZ topped that with 130 temp!
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    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Priceless Dad! Good job and your Daughter for hanging tuff.
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    Inshore Point Loma Bonita, 371 no BFT 6.2.21

    Thanks for posting. Yup thats how it was last week at Point Loma. Then the porpoises came in and took over. There so much bait at the point right now and hope it brings back the YT close and the occasional BFT. My Bone spit up 4 sardines when I put him on deck.
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    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Thanks for post, sounds like same crap all week. bones are fun fighting fish for sure. I was there last Sunday and same area for Bones but there were more porpoises eating the bait then the bones. Only managed one.
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    Offshore 5/31/21 yellowtail 302-371-425 $500 reward

    Thanks for post, guess you were all packed ready to go no matter what past forecast showed lol. Me too Sunday and reported pretty much same result LMAO. Im not doing that again if reports are crappy.
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    Offshore No Luv 302/226 Sunday 5/30

    Saw 3 maybe 4 PB"s out hunting the whole trip. Wind and chop made it next to impossible to find any paddys. Cloudy steady wind and Water temps also dropped from previous reports as I was showing 60.2 Saw nada so headed back in hopes to run into a paddy. A skipper called out wide open south...
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    Offshore Searching for paddies holding fish

    Thanks for the post, I might just decide to make the long haul down and launch.
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    Good luck Capt! Please report back as Im planning on towing 2 hours down and hitting 9 mile and 302 but if its not happening I aint wasting time.
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    Offshore weather forecast link on BD?

    Great resources and I use them all. However do any of you know which app or website tells accurate Fog forecasts?
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    Inshore Where are the MACS??

    No Macs, No YT, No Bonito, No BFT, see a strange pattern here? Weather and fishing have sucked for the most part so far in 2021. Thanks for posting!
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    Inshore I was thinking butts

    Too small sir should have thrown it back....nice haul man I have yet to catch a keeper
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    Not a report but FMM question

    FMM was $45 per person for them to file... Also $50 for membership plus another $65 to file for TIP.
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    Not a report but FMM question

    Sorry admin please remove if I violated protocol. I have it posted on "planning" but not getting the attention warranted. Decided to spend the money and have discover baja process everything which they did. However FMM came back and was good for only 3 days and reading here many times was...
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    Offshore 5/18 9 Mile Bank and Coronado Canyon

    Amazing how 2 weeks ago it was alive with YT and past week at least it has completely shut down. Never heard of it shutting down longer then a week.
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    FMM only good for one trip WTF

    Yeah I just paid $45 for 4 people and didnt even hit the islands over the weekend due to weather and snotty fishing reports. Worst $180 spent for a 3 day pass. Gonna order it online...Hope the guys who recently got theirs this year see this post and chime in. New layout still has others...