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    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    My truck came with ceramic pads, they are quiet and don't make a lot of brake dust. The negatives are they don't transfer heat well and fade on steep down hill grades. I've been using Wagner or bendix semi metallic pads for 10 years and have been very happy, only downside is lots of brake dust...
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    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet, that boat has really good bones and looks like it wont take much to make it fishable.
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    2006 Sea Pro WA220.

    Its in the fish report board, maybe its not for sale just talkin up his boat. I have the same boat with a 225 Honda, Id say the op's boat with a 225 4-stroke suki will be in the $22 - 26k range.
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    Captain Rodney

    Jeff Debuys worked with Rodney on the Q-105, (they took turns running trips) prior to going to the Red Rooster.
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    New year bluefin

    Really great to be able to catch that grade of tuna so close to home in January, congrats.
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    We need to rename this board from "Long Range Fishing Reports" to "Political Bullshit Reports" I fish and visit here to get away from the bullshit.
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    Possible Thief???

    Print up some face shots of this guy and post around the marina, he is probably a local someone knows of him.
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    Is this okay for my simrad radar?

    A lot of people intentionally mount their radar domes with a downward pitch to compensate for bow rise while underway.
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    For Sale Stainless tower

    I have one of those on my boat, mines aluminum I didn't know Atlantic made a stainless version GLWS.
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    For Sale 30’ Center Console

    Nice " mooney" boat, well done on the re-fit.
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    Huntington Harbor Report 11.18 & 11.20

    Fastest thing in nature is the mantis shrimp spears when deployed.
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    Searcher 10-31 - 11-8

    Sounds like a fun trip, 15 people on a 95 footer makes it even better.
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    Yeah the ones at galley level by the bathrooms don't have AC, they do have windows that open to the outside though.
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    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    Thanks for the report, sounds like you had a great time.
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    Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Great report, Whitefish on a fly lined dine is awesome.