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    Fishing options in Kauai??

    I went with Captain J’s crew out of Eleele on the Big Ta Do yesterday; Deep Sea Fishing Kauai. We did alright...
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    600 lb Marlin?

    Some pics
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    600 lb Marlin?

    I don’t know, that’s what the crew said yesterday on Captain J’s “Big Ta Do” out of Deep Sea Fishing Kauai in Eleele.
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    Looking for a fish report from Kaua’i

    Just got off the Big Ta Do yesterday with Captain J’s guys from Deep Sea Fishing Kauai out of Eleele and landed a 600 lb marlin! Check the video I made this morning. The morning crew caught a short billed hevi and a mahi.
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    SOLD 15' Gregor Aluminum

    Believe me I'm very interested. I'm gonna think it over for a day or so and let ya know. You down for a test run this weekend?
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    SOLD 15' Gregor Aluminum

    Sooo tempting and would be totally perfect for hitting that Carlsbad kelp launcing out of Oside. I can't help but laugh at the bait tank (in a good way) because we used to use those blue bins to store diatemecious earth or cyanuric acid back when I used to be a pool guy.
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    New guy here: tuna videos included

    I've been following BD Outdoors on Facebook for a while but I just finally got around to joining on the main website. I hope it's ok to post these two videos here that I assembled from this past, epic, El Niño summer we had last year. Enjoy!