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    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    I experienced the same thing last time i went to the bait barge in the bay. I usually can over stuff my 5 roach coaches with a half a scoop of deans and have a lil left over but i was way short last time. I think I’ll pay more attention to how full the net is on every pass i guess and i feel you...
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    Big bay big lobster 2-16

    Thanks ya it was the best night we have had this yr so far so we are stoked on the results. Appreciate the words of wisdom also it’s helped me figure the lobster thing out a lil butter i mean better! lol 😂
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    Big bay big lobster 2-16

    Hit the jetty with my son on a tip from my sons friend that had hooped a limit for 2,2days in a row a couple days prior. We got 4 for the night but 2 of them are the biggest ones we have had all yr. One of them went 2.2 lbs we fished the jetty. Fresh deans was bait. We also caught some pretty...
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    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    The 3 x can even be used for deep drop swording if ur trying to get into it without a huge cost!
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    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    Just small tuna on the 3x and nothing on the 4x
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    For Sale 1988 Chris Craft Sea Hawk 213 WA

    In the market and boat looks clean for the yr but 12 and a half for a hull seems pricey.
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    For Sale 19' Marlin CC

    Need a price !
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    For Sale Axis 3x and 4x

    San Diego north county Cardiff area