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    looking to get back in the water

    Thanks for the link. I know whee OEX is, and IIRC it is off Santa Clara Pt. I will meander over there in the near future.
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    looking to get back in the water

    shud be okay at under 70 lbs except for the FS Shadow Caster, which is closer to 95, stable, but I would imagine a tug boat also, I should have changed the title to ON the water vs IN the water (BTDT)
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    looking to get back in the water

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, the Hobie would be great. I am now leaning towards old reliable OK Prowler 13. It will be awhile though. Biggest concern is transport on a small roof (Prius). Good luck to you.
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    Launch sites Carlsbad

    Hi, Although I have not even bought a kayak yet, I am curious as to places to try other than open ocean. I have read a little about Carlsbad Lagoon. One place mentioned is Snug Harbor. What kind of fishing could I expect? what kind of lures or bait and where would I get Ghost Shrimp for...
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    J rack or slide/saddle

    Bare roof 2013 Prius. Which of these designs would be better for one person loading? I will probably get Rhino Square Bar rack. Rhino has a center saddle type that pivots to the side that looks as though it would be suitable for a number of hull shapes.
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    looking to get back in the water

    After a very long hiatus, I am thinking about once again to get a kayak. A couple I have in mind are: Field and Stream Talon, Field and Stream Shadow Caster, Wilderness Tarpon 12 ft ,BKC-UH-TK181. I previously owned a Cobra Navigator. Of the above, the Shadow Caster would be the most stable, but...
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    San Diego Bay

    I am interested in trying my hand at Salt Water Fly Fishing and would like to know some suggested spots in San Diego Bay and any tips you might give me. I will probably visit Pat's Bait and Tackle in Vista to get a beginners set up. I once saw a sign there indicating they even offer some quick...
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    Paddle for sale $60

    Harmony Sea Passage. 2 piece with 3 position adjustable feathering. White blades, black shaft. 88 inches used only a few times. $60 [email protected] 760-735-8023
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    Inflatable SIB for Sale $195

    only other photo I have handy, might be able to find some on CD, if you contact me via normal email [email protected] SOLD
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    Inflatable SIB $195

    for some reason was not able to upload another photo on original post, here is the only other one I have. Contact me direct at [email protected] or call 760-735-8023 thanks
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    Inflatable SIB for Sale $195

    Intex 5 inflatable with 40# thrust Minnkota, battery, pump (electric and hand), hard deck modification, motor mount with struts. Used only a few times. $195 James 760-735-8023 SOLD
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    INTEX INFLATABLE BOAT - $200 (ESCONDIDO) <HR><HR> Intex 5 inflatable boat. 12 foot PVC, includes the following: 40# thrust Minn-kota trolling motor Deep Cell Battery 12V Inflatation pump w cigarette lighter adapter manual inflatioon pump 1/2 plywood hard deck, 2 piece construction, trimmed...