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    Cousins rail rod

    Have an kf 920 820 blanks
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    Okuma malaria 50w sea

    Hahhahahahahaha I know I know stupid auto spell!! Hahahahaha
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    Okuma malaria 50w sea

    Hi all, selling an brand new Okuma Makaira 50w sea. Purchased for $649 plus tex selling it for $600. Thanks714 609 0373
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    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    It’s an awesome stiflck!!!!
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    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    Wow great job Steve!!! Rare find indeed it’s so awesome to hear great hart worming story like this, now Steve where is my!!!! Hahahahahahaha
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    Thinning the herd

    Wow that’s Jeff 550!! Nice wrap and beeeef stick!
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    Wow Tony!!!!
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    Seeker blank - Albino D8 - More Trades!

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    OBO above $2250 SEEKER Blue S glass, limited Edition Factory D8

    Wow I never know seeker rods had those beautiful wood grain prototypes rods!! Nice and thanks for sharing!!
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    Multiple Chocolate Sabre for sale

    Can you let us know the spec of these blanks thanks
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    Calstar GG690J, shimano Calcutta 300TE/Calcutta rod, seeker cjbf80H, Daiwa sl30sh, blue seeker Ulua

    Hay Frankie Interest in your black seeker blank and Calcutta 300, thanks please let me know Jimmy
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    Penn VISX 16

    Hahahahhahahahhaha you guys must be good friends hahhahha
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    Kennedyfisher 8 foot

    hi all looking for 8 foot 30-60 lb Kenndyfisher rods please let me know what you have thanks
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    Shimano beastmaster 30/50 110$

    Hi, how Much for the beast master 80/130? Thanks