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    December Yellows on the Beach - 12/12/19

    I caught two yesterday. Kept one and gave one away. No red crab in their stomachs when filleted. These yellow were full of 4-6 inch sardines. They were popping up and sinking out every where you looked. All the boat pressure definitely seemed to shut the bite would of thought it was a...
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    Belize Caye Caulker

    you may have some luck spot casting from the surf or piers for barracuda or jacks. Caye Caulker is small enough, you could fish the whole island in a day
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    Belize Caye Caulker

    I have a friend I made who lives in San Pedro. He goes back and forth between the Cays to fish. Local, fishy and wants to catch big fish. We fished 7 straight days together. Super fair rates too. Best way to to get a hold of him is on Facebook. AJ Selacy..he's a good dude, bi-lingual and catches...
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    Fly-in Cow Options

    Fish the Royal Star Mazatlan trips. 4 days, same fishing time as a 12-14 day long trip. Short runs and you keep your entire catch.
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    jigging charter

    Legit Sportfishing with Bryce Herrmann
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    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    4 day Mazatlan on the Royal Star
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    Picking a Ride

    How is the food?
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    First long range san diego trip planning

    I would fish on the Royal Star. Those captains will do everything they have to do to put you all on fish. The crew is consistent, hardworking and top notch. Food is unreal good. I've watched guys gain 5+ pounds on a 7 day from the quality of the food. Fish with Tim, Brian and Randy you'll have a...
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    Picking a Ride

    Trying to decide between a few boats for the end of the month or first week in October. Looking at an overnight or 1.5 day 1.5 Pacific Queen will be a full load of 33 people. 1.5 on the Sea Adventure 80, only 2 people signed up so far for 3. Overnight on the Constitution 18/25 spots...
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    Another back ordered VISX thread.

    I am out in Vegas, just got a the 20 VISX plus a rebate from Bass Pro for cheaper than Tackle Direct. They also had a few 16 VISX in stock.