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    WTB Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    No build thread for my boat, just a few things I’ve done to it on the Arima forum under AJFishin. The snaps were for a cover the previous owner had, but it was in bad shape and I never got a new one. My boat is a 96. Sucks you’re unable to go and get your boat. You should also post in this...
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    WTB Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    Congrats on picking up your new boat! How was the drive ? To get your boat shinning, pick up either a rotary or a random orbital polisher, get some heavy foam cutting pads and 3M "09005" 2 in 1 restorer and start out on low speed and move up to high and your boat will come out shinning! Also...
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    WTB Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    I think I’ve talked to you on the AO forum, but just in case, also check out the 16’s, biggest little boat you could step foot on. If you have a carport it will probably fit nicely. Here’s my 96’ Sea Chaser 16 hooked up to my F150
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    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Cool video,I liked to see the whole day fishing video since I’m stuck at home.
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    World of Fire Pop Up

    I get it, need some kind of revenue for the site, but a constant bombardment of ads makes people look into a Ad Blocker, which in return kills revenue. IMO, there’s no need that every thread people go into has to start out with a full page pop up ad that covers up a whole screen and after...
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    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    Canceled....Here’s the press release: “The Fred Hall Shows. We are sorry to inform you that the upcoming Del Mar Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds March 26-29 has been canceled because the County of San Diego and State of California has issued a mandate to cancel all events over 250 people.”
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    Hooping Newps

    Sculpins, octopus, a blue crab, conical shell creatures, and kelp fleas LOL
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    Still crawling in Long Beach

    Between rock crabs and spider crabs, I'll go with rock crabs, but spider crabs and not bad tasting. If you don't clean the crusted mud off of them with a wire brush before dropping them in the boil, you'll enjoy the mud taste. What sucks is they have a super hard shell, but grab a pair of good...
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    Don’t be that guy!

    "What is DH's favorite saying... " What were we talking about again?
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    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I have all black tubes except 1 white one. Last time out I had a dog hanging out next to the boat the entire night. The only hoop it went after had the white tube in it. I’m just saying maybe they do see the white ones clear as day? I zip tied it a couple times so we can finish the night, but...
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Very true, play some music she really enjoys, it sometimes can truly help. Praying for her full recovery.🙏🏻
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    They're Still Crawling

    How do you like and what are thoughts on the blue green tubes ? More importantly how do the seals like them?
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    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Perfectly said, and bring a couple PB&J sandwiches to kill the hunger.
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    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I decided this season I was going to try cages because people said they're better for attracting more bugs. The night I used them I looked around and I didn't see a dog in sight, but within 5 minutes of dropping my hoops I watch a big dog porpoising out of the water making a B-line to my hoops...