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    First time hooping in 2021

    Awesome man, that's a nice lobster ! Keep up the vids, cool to watch.
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    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    That is awesome, some proud parents there, and what a great moment with millions more to come ! I can't wait to get my daughter out there fishing soon. She's almost 3, loves being on the boat, already has her sea legs, and she's now getting familiar with using a fishing pole, fun times ahead!
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    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Cool looking dog, looks like my brothers dog. My dog loves going on the boat, but after 3 times of him jumping ship to get after sea dogs and pelicans, I now have to keep him on a leash while fishing.
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    Lobster trap thief

    Or a sea dog drags it away, watched one of mine go out in the harbor and disappear:1041677399:
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    How do you keep your lobster?

    This is how I keep mine in my freezer locker, works great and they taste just as good a few weeks later. The only difference is I put them in those grocery bags you get form WalMart or Ralphs, they're thick and hold the lobsters well, plus I can write on them so I know what day I caught them.
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    Hooping pt Fermin area

    I've had no issues taking the kellet's whelk that were in my hoops. The DFG told me as long as they were not taken from inside any MPA's I'm ok. They also said a lot of people catch then in there hoop nets here in SoCal.
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    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Damn Christmas is coming early for someone!
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    Boat Buying Scam

    I was selling a car a few years ago and talking with the “buyer” on the phone. In short, the guy said he wanted the car and he had the money, but it was in the form of a few money orders. I told him I won’t accept money orders, but since they’re probably blank, just write them out to yourself...
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    15' Arima Sea Sprinter - SOLD

    To add, some guys park their Arima at an angle in their garage to get a snug fit if the tongue is to long.
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    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    And the big deal in California now is making more MLP's (AB3030) and not limiting the areas and distance the draggers and seiners work in.
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    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    Very nice and your son is a awesome fisherman, I bet you're a super proud dad! I can not wait till my daughter gets a little older I can take her out fishing, she already loves the being on the boat and pretends fishing in the house with her little toy reel set. Great passing fishing down to...
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    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    No build thread for my boat, just a few things I’ve done to it on the Arima forum under AJFishin. The snaps were for a cover the previous owner had, but it was in bad shape and I never got a new one. My boat is a 96. Sucks you’re unable to go and get your boat. You should also post in this...
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    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    Congrats on picking up your new boat! How was the drive ? To get your boat shinning, pick up either a rotary or a random orbital polisher, get some heavy foam cutting pads and 3M "09005" 2 in 1 restorer and start out on low speed and move up to high and your boat will come out shinning! Also...
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    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    I think I’ve talked to you on the AO forum, but just in case, also check out the 16’s, biggest little boat you could step foot on. If you have a carport it will probably fit nicely. Here’s my 96’ Sea Chaser 16 hooked up to my F150
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    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Cool video,I liked to see the whole day fishing video since I’m stuck at home.