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    WTT: 6 reel bag for LARGE or XL reel bag

    yea... which is why I switched over to the roller system... that gigantic carry bag was just wayyy too cumbersome...
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    WTT: 6 reel bag for LARGE or XL reel bag

    got the biggest okuma nomad reel bag if you are interested... used it for like 2 -3 trips... then decided that I wanted to upgrade to the nomad roller system... Anyway heres the look of the bag I have not exactly sure if I want to...
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    WTB Clamp for Saltiga Z20 (Saltiga 15)

    let me know 626 375 5518 thanks!
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    WTS: Shimano Terez TZS-70XH-SR

    ok yea.. a month after i pay retail some dude is selling a mint for 100 bux off fml
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    BNIB shimano jigs

    still available? interested
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    Rods for sale - Super Seeker CTS-55H, Penn Rod, Seeker Marlin Caster

    will pick up the super seeker if still available
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    WTB frame for CALCUTTA 400 TE or a broken Calcutta (I guess)

    recently bought a 400 TE off of a friend for a good price. It works well right now; however, the frame seems to be bent out of the shape as the cap doesnt flush completely into the frame. It is not a major problem for me right now but would be nice if I can find a frame for a decent price...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    yea mos def, I was actually not planning on the meal plan thinkin that they would allow you to order just single items... so even I was almost caught off guard and thought I might not have enough... Im going out on the freedom this friday night just for a simple overnight trip... let me know...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    I meant it WAS optional, but the part that caught me off guard was that it was ALL or NOTHING for the meal plan...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    Hey Mike! I was on that trip as well, in fact from your profile picture I think I was bunking right below you lol To be fair tho... they did tell me at least about the meal plan when I first booked the trip over the phone with Terrance as well as the possibility of a fuel charge. However, the...
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    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Jigstick PHD928MH

    It's Jeff who hit you up on text... will meet up with you tonight steve
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    Seaguar or Blackwater Fluro

    Not sure if you were referencing to what I wrote earlier, but I actually meant that Premier felt much tougher than the Japanese 130 Meter Seaguar. I was getting feedback on the Japanese Seaguar that it felt too thin (not sure if that 130M = the standard seaguar). And it was also that 130 meter...